More than 20 years of experience

Fival is located at the Milan’s outskirts very close to the new Exhibition Area; Fival is located in a strategic point to be reached either from the most important state steet or highways.

Even if Fival is yong can anyway boast the great  experience  of many years of persons that created it.

Fival’s product range is able to cover many field of application, such as petrochemical, food industry, gas plant, oleodinamic plant, steam generator and different fluides.

Fival’s warehouse is well-stocked and able to satisfy all request of valves both in Cast iron, Cast steel and Stainless and Steel but Fival is able to supply material as per client request.

About strainer, flow indicator, and level gauge Fival proposes items of new plan besides many products of engineering developped on client’s drawing and/or in co-operation with him.

Thanks to its warehous, technical documentation, skill to manage the orders and problem solving attitude, Fival is able to offer non only its own products but an exclusive and personalised service as per client’s needs, who will find in Fival the ideal partener not only for standard needs but also for long terms projects which need study and flexibility.

The flexibility is one of the most important thing that characterize Fival and can assure the full  client’s satisfaction.

Fival is therefore glad to put its experience of many years at service of its own clients.